5 Day Mummy Tummy Kickstart

Join the 5 Day Mummy Tummy Kick Start Challenge

Starts Monday 18 September 2017

Daily 10 Minute Core Video Workout & Delicious Healthy Recipes

5 Day Mummy Tummy Kick Start

Join the 5-Day Plan

Starts Monday 18th September 2017

With just 10 minutes a day give your tummy the attention it deserves. These short videos give you the BEST exercises to do whether you’ve just had a baby OR had a baby some time ago. Plus improve your energy and get your skin glowing too with a daily recipe. 

And it’s free!

  • Daily kickstart videos are short, just 10 minutes, easy to fit into a busy day 
  • Healthy, quick recipes for a better body, skin and energy that your whole family will love too
  • Access to Vicky in our Private Facebook Group during the Challenge week
  • Accountability and motivation with special nuggets and advice you won't get elsewhere
  • It’s never too late to flatten your tummy these exercises are suitable for New Mamas and also Mamas with children of any age
  • Exercises all are specifically designed and picked for bodies that have had babies so you see results faster and won’t risk injury
  • Vicky’s method targets your deeper stomach muscles, the one that protects your spine and wraps around your entire mid-section. By targeting that muscle first you’ll effectively strengthen and flatten your tummy PLUS the whole of your ‘core’ which includes your back and pelvic floor

The food you eat is AS important which is why Vicky also sends you a daily recipe. 

A Mama’s body needs food to give her the right kind of energy, vitamins and nutrients to replenish post pregnancy, nourish and compliment the exercise for the best results.

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